Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Is Serotonin?


I. Introduction

             1.) Today I will be sharing with you the word Serotonin
2.) I found this word while skimming the pages of my psychology book.

II. Body
1.) The psychology definition; A neurotransmitter used by systems of neurons believed to regulate sleep, dreaming, appetite, anxiety, depression, and the inhibition of violence.
The encyclopedia definition;
        Organic compound that was first recognized as a powerful vasoconstrictor occurring in blood serum.
It was partially purified crystallized and named in 1948, and its structure was deduced a year later.
    Independent work found that serotonin is also found in wasp stings, scorpion venom various nuts and fruits such as; pineapples, bananas, and plums. Its function in stings and venoms might be that of an irritant, since injections of serotonin in man produce pain at the site of injection, gasping, coughing, a general tingling sensation, nausea, cramps, and other unpleasant symptoms.

2.) A normal average adult possesses about 5-10mg of serotonin, 90% of which is in the intestine and the rest in blood platelets and the brain.

3.) During a migraine attack:
                  Serotonin levels become very low causing the blood  vessels to be unusually large. These expansions are believed to be the cause of the throbbing pain in the temple of your eye. The dramatic changes in serotonin level and reduced blood flow may be the cause of not only the head pain but also the nausea and distorted vision or speech that often accompanies a migraine.

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