Sunday, September 11, 2011

Health Tips From Dr. OZ !!

Stress Less – Financial Help/Tips – Solutions Less Than Five Dollars (-$5) 

Massages - are expensive but you can use “pool noodles” ($2) online
                                Lay on top of the “pool noodle” and roll your body over the noodle

Sleep Better:
Wine – Slows down neurotransmitters that are going back & forth in your brain keeping you awake

Sleep Well – (Five Dollar Solution) – Sound of Crackling Fire (Fire) + (ice) Sleep Ice Packs/Ice Pack inside pillow case

Liquid Melatonin (Online) – Helps Sleep

Weight Loss:
Salad Blaster Bowl (4.99) – Shake salad get dressing on salad
Psyllium – Fiber supplement makes you feel fuller so you won’t eat as much
Coconut Water – Metabolism booster because they contain argentine which speeds up metabolism                                      which burns off calories.
Onions can help reduce risk for colon cancer and breast cancer
                *Recommended Half an onion per day
Chick Peas/garbanzo – daily fiber, can get them in a bag for a better price
Pop Corn – a 32oz has polyphenals fight off cancer and heart disease
                *Buy kernels and air pop them to save money

Acid Reflux or Heart Burn
Stay away from things that can “trigger” acid re-flux:

- Garlic, tomato sauce, caffeine

Tips for Helping Acid Re-flux:

Lozenges (Cough Drops) - Stimulate saliva dilute acid in stomach
Mostly at night, wakes people up at night, most people roll off of the pillow so It doesn’t work well.
                But a big book under the bed posts’ at the head of the bed to have your head propped up to keep      the acid down at night

5 dollar fix for bad breathGreen Tea! Acts as disinfectant, prohibits bacteria from growing

Razor burn – Aloe Vera – cools, soothes, heals broken skin

Nail Fungus – Lavender Oil – Anti Fungal – Prohibits Growth couple drops under nail bed

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