Thursday, September 29, 2011

Help for Acid Reflux or Heart Burn

Help with Acid Re-Flux Disease (Heartburn):

  • Stay away from foods that can "trigger" acid reflux or heartburn.
  1. Caffeine (soda, coffee, energy drinks, V8 Juice).
  2. Tomatoes and Foods made with Tomatoes (Spaghetti, Ketchup, Lasagna).
  3. Garlic and foods with Garlic in them.

  • Antacids (Prilosec, Zantac, Pepsid) help for temporary relief if you want to go the medication route.
  • Lozenges (cough drops or Gum) - Can stimulate saliva and dilute acid in stomach reducing the acid reflux.
Acid Reflux occurs mostly at night making it difficult to sleep:
                But a big book under the bed posts’ at the head of the bed to have your head propped up to keep the acid down at night

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