Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Western Medicine verses Alternative

Western Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine 

          The difference between healing and curing is that curing is to restore to health to take away all sickness, it is something that comes from the outside in. Healing means to combine your own beliefs into your health and feeling better, which comes from the inside. Anyone can be cured or treated with modern medicine, but in healing if you believe you will get better it will help you heal a great deal more.

          Spirituality is what you believe in. It can be anything from God to a higher power, something, and anything greater than you. It doesn't have to be religious. It relates to health and healing because if you have something that you believe is higher than yourself you can use your faith that your higher power will get you through anything. Also having something to believe in gives people hope and strength that something good will happen if they just believe. 

The basic principles of healing relationships:

Self Care-  things you can do to take care of yourself, such as, home remedies, self healing, movement, exercise, sleep, yoga, humor, therapy, music, touch or sports. 
Bio-medical Medicine-  traditional western medicine, basically doctors, surgery, medication and procedures.

Complementary/Alternative Medicine-  includes alternative healing approaches such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and Tai-Chi.

In the field of helping people I believe too many times people lose sight of why they’re in that particular job they begin to treat people badly and aren't helping anyone that way. Never forget that people aren’t just “patients” or “clients” they are human beings with feelings and they need to be listened to just like you do.

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