Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Stress Effects Your Health and What You Can Do


Stress is any event that strains or exceeds an individuals’ ability to cope. 

Sources (Causes) of Stress

- Frustration

- Conflict

- Pressure – stress that comes from the threat of negative events.

- Life Events and Daily Hassles – Significant events that occur in a person’s life. Examples include: Divorce, Having Children, Natural Disasters’, Crime,.

What to Do if you are Experiencing Stress:
- Reduce Caffeine

- Exercise – exercising as little as 3-4 times per week increases endorphin (feel good chemicals in brain) levels thereby reducing stress.

- Cognitive Therapy – Talking to someone (Friends, Family or a Professional).

- Journaling – Writing down sources of stress, often, provides a different perspective and helps to find solutions to stressors. Examples: A common stressor is having too many things to do with very little time. Making a list of everything you need to do can help you stay organized. Sometimes, it shows you that things weren't as bad as you’d thought.

- Turn Up the Music – Music can be a great stress relief (Go to your car and blast your favorite song;).

- Put You First – Take a short nap 

- If you cannot be alone and need a release stay in the bathroom an extra 5 or 10 minutes

- If you’re driving to/from an errand stay in the car for a few minutes and just sit and relax.

- Take some deep breaths.

- Buy a gossip magazine (focusing on other peoples drama sometimes helps escape yours’ or makes yours’ seem not too bad i.e. shaving your head (O_O)

*Remember that things could always be worse and everyday is a new opportunity to start fresh:)


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