Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Red Flags and Signs you Could be Aging Too Fast

Referenced From Dr. Oz: (November 2012) Warning Signs/Red Flags/Signs your Body is Aging too Fast

There are signs and symptoms (red flags) you can look out for to determine if you may have a specific aliment or health  issue!

  • If your eyes are red, it is a sign of inflammation. Therefore, this can be a sign that you have arthritis.

What is your Skin Color:

Red = Allergies, Inflammation

Blue = Not enough oxygen

Yellow = Liver Problems

Brown = Diabetes

Grey = Kidney Issues/Kidney Disease - Will not have as much blood in your body so your skin gets paler.

RED FLAGS/Warning Signs:

  • Parkinson's Disease = Loss of Smell

  • Vascular Problems = Hairless Ankles, Feet and/or Toes
  • Lung cancer = Toes that bump upward at the tips - Sign your body may not be getting enough oxygen (toes that start to change, not ones that have been that way since birth).

  • Memory Problems = Loss of Hearing

  • ADHD (Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)  = Moody for no reason, Exhausted, Anxious, Daydreaming more than you should.

         *Women symptoms are different than men:  

Traits of ADHD in Women - Internal Disruption, genetic, often doesn't appear to later in life, struggle with relationships, keep trying to try to do everything and leaves you moody, anxious and exhausted until a major life change triggers:

  • New Job = Higher level to attention to detail - unmasked 
  • Motherhood = Chores you have to do multiply, overwhelmed, (not pregnancy, after having baby).

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