Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to be Happy!

How to be Happy 

“A Man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” 
~Abraham Lincoln 

Happiness is a perception based upon an individual’s thought process (it is different for everyone). 

The amount of happiness we get from an event or experience depends upon what we are comparing it to at the time. 

OLD Phone
NEW Phone


Receiving a check for $100 when you usually earn $200 – You could view this as a less than happy event thinking that you should have earned more because that is what happened in the past OR you could be happy that you have just gotten a check for $100 when in the past you have gotten less. 

Examples: Clothing/Apparel mark-downs $49 to $20 

Cars – Your last car verses a new car 

Events – What you do for your Birthday compared to what you have done/experienced before 

A study by Psychologist Ed Deiner found that happiness comes from the amount of time a person spends feeling good, not from the momentary peaks of ecstasy. 

- We should enjoy the little/everyday things, not just the big events. 

Remembering bad things from the past has a contrast effect; makes our present seem brighter. 

Positive thinking – Try to focus your thoughts and perceptions to increase happiness. 

- Generally happy people filter out the bad things and focus on the good:)


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