Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amazing FREE Resources available for ANYONE!

There are a LARGE amount of FREE publications available on the National Institute of Mental Health site!

They have booklets, brochures, guides, videos, statistics and more!

There are resources available for free by downloading OR if you would like hard copies sent 100% FREE & FREE Shipping and Handling too in the mail:)

The site offers publications in, both, English and Spanish (Espanol)!

cover for Depresión      cover for Depresión y el Cáncer                                           cover for Depression cover for Depression and Cancer

There are topics on EVERYTHING related to your Psychological well being
cover for Anxiety Disorders     cover for Looking at My Genes: What...                                                 cover for Mental Health Medications      cover for El Suicidio en los Estado...
The site even offers different resources for specific age groups, men, women, college students, high school kids and children!
cover for Bipolar Disorder in Child...      cover for Depression and High Schoo...    cover for Depression and College St...       cover for The Teen Brain: Still Und...      cover for Treatment of Children wit...
You simply enter how many publications you would like of each, enter your name/address and wait for your FREE resources to arrive in the mail!

cover for Real Men. Real Depression...*I have requested booklets and brochures from the NIMH site and they are amazing quality! Everything, from the paper the books are printed on to the information they provide is top-notch! I believe they are definitely offering a great service by sending this information to people for free!

These resources are wonderful for EVERYONE.
If you:

  • Are experiencing symptoms and would like to research possible psychological causes

        cover for Panic Disorder: When Fear...                             cover for Obsessive-Compulsive Diso...                                   cover for Depression and Chronic Pa...

  • Know someone (friend/family/yourself) who has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder or 

                                         cover for Helping Children and Adol...    cover for Attention Deficit/Hyperac...    cover for Bipolar Disorder

  • Know someone who is experiencing problems in general and has been withdrawn (possibly depressed)

                                           cover for Suicide in America: Frequ...        cover for Fighting Depression (DVD)    cover for Social Phobia (Social Anx...

  • Would like to know how you can help someone with an emotional problem or psychological/mental illness
                                        cover for Schizophrenia          cover for Depression and Other Illn...  cover for Eating Disorders
    cover for Borderline Personality Di...
  • Would simply be interested to learn about different areas Psychology

ALL 100% FREE:)       

cover for Neuroimaging and Mental I...                                                 cover for National Institute of Men...             

cover for Post-Traumatic Stress Dis...

                                       **There are more free publications available on the NIMH site!

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