Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Experience Taking Phentermine

So, upon my last Doctor visit, my physician prescribed my Phentermine 30mg to try to lose weight. I had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and was having a difficult time losing weight. I should mention that I also have hyperthyroidism and anxiety disorder, therefore, I feel hungry most of the time.

I started taking the Phentermine 30mg about a month ago and have lost 9 pounds so far. I admit, it is still difficult to control cravings for junk food but if you want to lose weight badly enough you will do it. The beginning is the most difficult. After a few weeks the hunger subsides and you feel thinner in your clothes.

I take Phentermine 30mg along with hyperthyroid medication and anxiety medication too. I am not recommending ANY medications in this post. Please just take this as what it is, which is MY experience. There are a lot of risks involved in taking Phentermine and should be prescribed by a physician.

I am beginning my second month with the Phentermine. I admit, I have slipped some days and ate ice cream and chips :o but I am happy with my progress. I am not doing any exercising program either. Other than a few daily errands of day-to-day life. I realize if I were to add an exercise regimen the weight would fall off but I am not currently in the mindset to be that active.

I will continue to post about my progress in a few weeks. Any questions just comment or email:)

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