Thursday, August 23, 2012

Being a Smoker After Heart Surgery

My mother, who is now 52yr old, has been smoking since she was 15yr old. A couple months ago she had to have a valve in her heart replaced due to a murmur that had formed over time. After the surgery the doctors' informed her she had to stop smoking if she wanted to live. After such a scary experience I thought for sure she would cut out the cigarettes. Unfortunately, she still had a craving for nicotine.

My sister and I went to the nearest store to see what we could get for her. Lucky for us we found Electronic Cigarettes! It was the coolest thing i'd ever seen! My sister, being a smoker, tried them out first. She couldn't believe the resemblance to an actual cigarette, without the toxins!

Now the final test, to see if they would keep my mother from smoking. We took them back to the hospital and my mother loved them! Her doctor even approved of the Electronic Cigarettes! My mother says the best thing about them is that she can even smoke them inside because they don't produce any smoke.

I must say, I am impressed by the invention of the Electronic Cigarettes and very happy that my mother has found a safe alternative.

It has been a few months and my mother is still smoking her Electronic Cigarettes and her health has been great! 

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