Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deals for my parents

Contribution by Saul Martin

There are really a lot of wild blue deals for our area. I did not realize how many there are. I have always seen things about their Internet services and the different deals they offer, but I do not think I ever grasped their total service package. I actually sent my dad some information about it. We always had trouble with the Internet at our house when I was still living there. Now, it does not really bother me since I only use it when I am home for a holiday or just to visit. I think my parents would appreciate an improved service and better price though. Most people would enjoy it really. I just thought of my parents because I know we always fought about the Internet. It drove me insane when I lived there. I am sure it was not the only thing there that I was not a fan of. It seemed like my parents were always more interested in paying nothing for something that was not worth the investment. I always told them it made more sense to invest a bit and get a better service or product. At least with this provider, I won’t have to worry about my parents refusing a good service for a good price. It is really the best of both worlds.

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